#3: M-Museum Leuven (general report)

2015-12-04 11.34.00
© FvL
M-Museum Leuven, Belgium, integrates historical buildings and contemporary architecture.
On one hand there are period rooms with historical furniture and design, on the other hand there is the contemporary part with high ceilings, a lot of glass and visual contact with the city. This wide orientation equals the presentations: from 15 century church sculpture to big contemporary art shows.

© FvL
We arrived at 11.00 AM and started our exploration together with a walk through all spaces, all exhibitions.
At 01.30 PM we had lunch at the restaurant and we discussed the possibilities. 
In this specific situation the best approach seemed not to focus too much on group activities. Each of us had a clear idea to start with.
Till 05.30 PM we worked alone, meeting each other occasionally.
We finally met again at the restaurant, we exchanged experiences, had a last drink and left the museum.

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photo (in the Museum info paper) of Guy de Cointet, looking very much like Marnik.