#1: Walking along a wall

@ Kunsthal Rotterdam, the Netherlands


Walking down the stairs holding the handrail / waiting for the doors to open passing through

Walking closely to a huge empty wall making a turn to the left the overwhelming smell of tomatoes following the grid along the large windows passing a glass house

Waiting for the doors to open letting me through and close behind me turning left I follow the gradient concrete floor

Making curves around pedestals carrying empty space the rough structure of the floor determines the grip of my feet on top I turn left into a orange shining room my feet stumble upon a tapestry of fresh growing grass

Carefully I put my feet down one step at the time than touching solid ground taking sharp turns moving left passing through an open door on my right

Walking along on an open iron grid dizziness creeping up my spine than stepping on a hard floor turning left walking along a serpentine wall leaving the hall through opening doors

Up the stairs leading to a dead end so I walk them down

Ending at the beginning